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Martha S. Heimbaugh

Hand Woven Objects

"I have been fascinated with fiber since I was a small child.  I wanted to learn how to weave so badly when I was kid, it seemed like such a mystery to me.  In high school I had the opportunity to weave on both a table loom and a large floor loom.  I was fascinated and hoped to one day learn more."  

"Weaving is something you could devote your whole life to and still not learn everything there is to know about weaving.  I have spent the last few years exploring and learning about weaving, finally satisfying that childhood yearning.  I have discovered that it would be almost impossible to be adequately compensated for all the time and effort that goes into hand weaving a project.  First one must design and plan the project, calculating the yardage of all the different yarns required.  Next, measure out the appropriate amounts of yarn and then "magically" thread your loom.  Remember, each thread must be placed into the correct heddle on the correct harness (called warping the loom) and then threaded through the beater bar in the correct order and somehow each thread is tightened to the exact same tension (not!)."

Twisted warp yarns prior to beaming on the warp and threading the heddles.  Finished project shown below.




Warp yarns threaded through correct heddles after successfully untwisting and then beaming on the warp.



"I find weaving on a loom to be very relaxing.  The beating sound and rhythm of working on a loom is akin to playing a musical instrument.  However, measuring out the warp yardage and dressing it on the loom properly could lead to heart failure!  Being trained as an engineer in college, I am not easily dismayed so I am currently working on learning how to accomplish sectional warping.  I think my heart may like this approach better than a warping board.  Stay tuned for further feedback at a later date."

"In the meantime, I have decided to make weaving my hobby.  Are artists allowed to have hobbies?  I think yes, so please enjoy a glimpse at my weaving hobby."

"This table runner was a double weave pattern called "windows".  Double weave is the process of weaving two layers of fabric at once.  In this pattern the upper and lower layers alternate back and forth to create the color pattern.  Note that one row was repeated twice (near the paper bowl).  This is sometimes known as a mistake."

The following miniature weavings were part of a series of twelve wall pieces.  They were all around 10" H x 8" W or so.


This wonderful little vessel was made from the scraps of my very first weaving made on my very first loom.  I have also incorporated some hand marbled fabric.





    This is a type of crackle weaving that I did a wonderful color study with.  It was woven in the Italian Manner with three shuttles.















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