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Martha S. Heimbaugh

Handmade Paper Vessels

"I began working with paper after doing some research on the history of papermaking.  Like fabric, paper is another medium with which people are so familiar, that they simply take it for granted.  We are so used to working with writing papers or printed media on paper, that seeing a three-dimensional vessel made from paper can seem strange or unique.  Creating paper vessels challenges my brain to think outside it's normal boundaries and hopefully, so will the viewer be challenged as well.  Working with wet paper pulp can be tricky and there is definitely a certain skill level that must be acquired through practice.  I have developed my own technique for creating my paper vessels.  Please enjoy!"

This bowl was an early attempt at learning how to work with paper pulp.  The bowl is very sturdy and functional.


More Vessels will be added to this page as time permits.  Upcoming series--Vase Forms and Teapot Forms.  

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