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Martha S. Heimbaugh

Artist Statement

Color, dimension, line, and texture, these are the tools that build.  I am inspired by the colors found in sky and landscapeóby the textures found in bark and shellóby the dimensions seen in rocky terrain.  Working with pigment paints mined from the earth, weaving with yarns spun from animal and plant sources, and felting with wool sheared from sheep, these are the things that ground me.  Quilting lines enhance the surface and offer another avenue for creative expression.  Bird and other animal behaviors inspire me and provide me with a metaphor to the human experience.  I see my world through symbols and express these symbols in my work through the use of plants, animals, insects, and three-dimensional forms.  Conceptual works speak to my own dilemmas of trying to maintain balance in a hectic and demanding world.  

Emergence © 2011 Martha S. Heimbaugh

 Quilted Fabric Painting











Martha sharing her work with other artists at a Leavenworth County Artists Association Meeting 





Artist at work in the studio on large marbled fabric panel





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