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The Landscape of Forgiveness

Painted Fabric, Pieced Fabric, and Mixed Media


Martha S. Heimbaugh

Show debuted
June 2 through July 25, 2004
Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery
Lindsborg, Kansas

"My intention and purpose for this show was to explore the meaning of forgiveness through a Christian perspective.  I began by reading the Gospels of Mark and Luke, looking for specific passages that I felt related to forgiveness.  I asked myself different questions such as: What is forgiveness?  Is forgiveness given, taken, or both?  What sort of requirements are there in order to be forgiven or to give forgiveness to another or to our own self.?

"I felt that my own answers I discovered to these and other questions truly began to build a landscape that defines what I see as the story of forgiveness.  As I began to plan and build the show, I discovered that forgiveness, although simple and straight forward in essence can be a very complicated issue.

"Much depends on how deeply intertwined our own human thoughts and emotions are with the issue needing forgiveness and with the strength of foundation upon which we do the forgiving."

The Show

"The first four pieces in the show represent Man and Earth.  Earth & Spirit I and Earth & Spirit II represent Man's unique individuality and presence of spirit and soul.  

Earth & Spirit I © 2000 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Pieced Fabrics, 3-D Puff Technique, Framed
32" H x 33" W x3" D









Purpose © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted Fabric, Pieced Fabric, Mixed Media 3-D
49" H x 29" W x 4" D

Purpose hangs between these two works and is a cross shape created from the images of antique bicycle tools.  The cross-shape represents Christ's destiny to fulfill his Duty to Himself, Man, and God.  The tools represent that which is familiar and of the Earth.  The cross represents a doorway to an unfamiliar, and faith driven future, a union between God and Man."












"Manna, by definition, means "spiritual nourishment of divine origin".  This "divine nourishment" is an important tool in the process of understanding the nature of forgiveness.  This contemporary painting of sky and mountains entitled Manna represents what is familiar.  Beautiful landscapes are often a source of creative inspiration and spiritual renewal, and from a Christian perspective, are always a gift from God."

Manna © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted Fabric, 3-D
45" H x 33" W x 3" D











"The different shapes in the painting entitled, In God's Hands, represents our own human uniqueness and individuality.  The different colored shapes form one large irregular shape, which represents the idea that we can only be completely whole if we surrender ourselves completely to God."

In God's Hands © 2003 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted Fabric
40" h x 94" W


"The painting entitled Faith Divine is an abstract depiction of Christ's descent into Hell.  The circles represent God's unending love and that this love transcends all evil or diversity.  Through Christ's own Faith, he was able to make the descent and return to God the Father, victorious.  The title Faith Divine, speaks to Christ's own faith and understanding of human emotions, to leave the familiar and fulfill His destiny."

Faith Divine © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted, Pieced Fabric, 3-D Puff, Framed
42-5/8" H x 29-5/8" W x 5" D







"In the paintings entitled, Complete Surrender & Eternal Gift, the leaf prints paradoxically represent both death and life at the same time.  When a leaf comes to the end of it's life on the tree it falls to the ground where it then deteriorates and begins to nourish the roots of the tree that it just fell from.  Each spring, the tree unfailingly shoots forth-new leaves, which grow and mature to complete the cycle."



Complete Surrender © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted, Pieced Fabric, Mixed Media 3-D
70" H x 27" W x 3" D













Eternal Gift © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted, Pieced Fabric, Mixed Media 3-D
71" H x 33" W x 3" D











"This cycle of death and renewal is also symbolized in the painting entitled Veracious Truth.  The word veracious, which means truthful, should not be confused with the word voracious, which means ravenous.  So Veracious Truth means, the truth of all truths.  The ability of the tulips to return each year with delicate flowers symbolizes the promise God makes with each one of us, that fragile human though we be, there is forgiveness of sins for all who turn to Him."


Veracious Truth © 2003 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted, Pieced Fabric, 3-D Frame
29" H x 71" W x 4-1/2" D


"The two bowls in this show, Strength Within and Steadfast Comfort, represent God's presence in and among all things.  The first four pieces in the show speak to the idea that Man often thinks he can live without God.  Yet, at the same time, Man is aware of a certain responsibility he has to God, although Man often chooses not to acknowledge this responsibility.  The bowls are meant to provide comfort to the viewer and also an awareness that no matter where in the room you walk, the bowls are always within view.  This mirrors the idea that God is always with us and therefore forgiveness is always within reach."

Strength Within © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted Fabric, Mixed Media Bowl
21" H x 29" W x 22" D


Steadfast Comfort © 2004 Martha S. Heimbaugh
Painted Fabric, Mixed Media Bowl
16" H x 32" W x 27" D

"The Landscape of Forgiveness is really a journey in understanding that Man, Earth, Responsibility, Trust, Faith, Love, God, and Salvation are all working together in a complicated harmony that Man must continually explore and celebrate."


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